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The Shri Ram Universal School (TSUS) Ghaziabad stands out as an educational institution of unparalleled excellence, garnering global recognition for its steadfast commitment to providing a world-class learning environment. The school's achievements not only elevate its status within the local community but also draw the attention of educational experts worldwide.

TSUS Ghaziabad boasts cutting-edge infrastructure, a testament to its dedication to fostering an advanced and conducive learning environment. From spacious and well-equipped classrooms designed for optimal learning to well-stocked libraries serving as intellectual hubs, the school's architectural brilliance is evident throughout its campus.

At the forefront of its infrastructure are state-of-the-art laboratories, an auditorium designed for large gatherings, and top-notch sports facilities promoting physical fitness and sportsmanship. The commitment extends to diverse sports, including upcoming ones like Archery, Horse riding, Swimming, and shooting, ensuring a comprehensive athletic experience.

Embracing the digital age, TSUS Ghaziabad seamlessly integrates technology into its infrastructure with smart classrooms and a student-friendly cafeteria designed to cater to nutritional needs. The school prioritizes the safety and convenience of its students through reliable transportation services.

The integration of cutting-edge tools and platforms into the learning process showcases TSUS Ghaziabad's commitment to staying at the forefront of educational technology. The school fosters an inclusive learning environment, acknowledging the diverse strengths and talents of its student body through special education programs and differentiated instruction.

A student-centric approach lies at the heart of TSUS Ghaziabad's educational philosophy. The school values the uniqueness of each student, striving to create an environment that encourages curiosity and self-discovery. International collaborations, career guidance, and counseling services further enrich the educational experience, preparing students for a diverse and interconnected world.

The extracurricular landscape is diverse, from robotics clubs to environmental initiatives, providing ample opportunities for students to explore their passions. Community engagement is a cornerstone, with the school actively participating in social outreach programs, instilling a sense of social responsibility in its students.

As TSUS Ghaziabad continues to evolve, it remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence, innovation, and holistic development. Choosing TSUS Ghaziabad is an investment in a future where individuals are academically proficient, compassionate, resilient, and poised to make a positive impact on the world. The school illuminates the path for generations to come, guiding them towards a future filled with endless possibilities and boundless potential.


Our Mission

Mission Recognize the uniqueness and individuality of each child.
Mission Provide all students a diverse education and equip them with lifelong skills.
Mission Inspire all students to lead with courage, confidence and conviction.
Mission Collaborate with parents and community to create independent global citizens of tomorrow.

Core Values



Developing the value of Integrity through healthy and supportive student teacher relationships.



Nurturing the sensitivity within each child in order to embrace diversity in the environment.



Consistent and constant efforts by a committed and motivated staff to provide individualized attention.



A school curriculum that is rich with glimpses of Indian Heritage and Culture.


what our parents think about us

Parent's Speak

“As a parent, I am pleased with the friendly and helpful approach of school, principal, teachers and staff. I feel that my child is receiving everything he needs at The Shri Ram Universal School, Ghaziabad. I really like the way the school keep us updated with day-to-day activities. I am happy with the curriculum which is age appropriate and less burden on kids.”


Neeti Bali Punj
Mother Of Aariv Punj
Class – Prep

“I have been witnessing the journey of the school since its inception. In the last couple of years there have been many positive changes. The changes are really very good & keeping up with the changing needs of the world. Your team is working hard to make our wards prepare for the challenging world. Congratulations to this team for bringing and implementing ideas for a better future. All the best! Keep it up! .”


Mr. Shashi Ranjan Singh
Father Of Arnav Shreet
Class – V




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Safe & Secure Campus





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Spread across 12 acres of land in the suburbs of Ghaziabad on Bhopura Loni Road, The Shri Ram Universal School nestles in a building that radiates an aura of positivity. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and ample open spaces for learning, the school provides everything needed to enrich and enhance children’s learning.

Summers (April – October)
Pre Nur-I : 09:00 am to 01:00 pm
Class II to IX : 07:30 am to 2:00pm

Winters (Nov – Mar)
Pre Nur-I : 09:15am to 12:45 pm
Class I to IX : 08:00 am to 02:00pm

Summers - Pre-Nur to Prep
• Prescribed Blue Skirt / Shorts
• Prescribed Red T-Shirt
• Prescribed Black Velcro shoes with green stripe
• Prescribed socks
• Winters- Specially designed school bag
• Specially designed track suit (lower & upper)
• Prescribed Red Jacket
• Prescribed Black Velcro shoes with green stripe
• Prescribed socks

Girls 1 to 12
• White Knee length skirt
• White half sleeve shirt with school emblem
• White socks with two green stripes
• Prescribed Black shoes with green stripes
• Bottle green ribbons/ rubber bands
• Bottle green school belt
• White shoes (for PE/Games Period only)
• White cycling shorts

• Bottle Green Single Breast Blazer (Compulsory)
• White full sleeve shirt with school emblem
• Grey Worsted knee length skirt/ trouser
• Gery socks with two green stripes
• Bottle Green tie
• Bottle Green School belt
• Bottle Green ribbons/rubber bands
• Prescribed Black Shoes with green stripe
• White shoes (for PE/Games Period only)
• Grey cycling shorts
• Bottle green sweater (optional)

• White half sleevs shirt with school emblem
• White shorts (not more than 2 inches above the knee) for classes I-V
• White trousers (classes VI to XII)
• Green turban for Sikh boys
• Prescribed Black Shoes with green stripes
• White socks with two green stripes
• Bottle green school belt
• White shoes (for PE/Games Period only)

• Bottle Green Single Breast Blazer (Compulsory)
• Grey woolen regular trousers (classes I to XII)
• Green turban for Sikh boys
• White full sleeve shirt with school emblem
• Gery socks with two green stripes
• Bottle Green tie • Bottle Green School belt
• Prescribed Black Shoes with green stripes
• White shoes (for PE/Games Period only)
• Bottle green sweater (optional)

On birthdays, students up to class V are allowed to come in decent informal clothes.

We follow a whole school ratio of 1:10, with an additional facility of one didi per section in the Pre-Primary grades.

The school does not provide lunch and snacks. However canteen facility is there.

Yes, we do. The buses and vans are air-conditioned and there is one didi in each bus to ensure the child’s safety. Teachers will escort them to school transportation.

We follow the CBSE curriculum or pattern and follow the “Shri” teaching-learning methodology, which is integrated by Shri Educare Limited.

Aligned with the commitment to offer diverse learning opportunities that tap into various potentials and recognize and nurture diverse strengths, The Shri Ram Universal School's curriculum is designed to encompass both the pursuit of academic excellence to the best of each student's ability and participation in co-curricular activities across various fields for holistic development. The school and its faculty serve as facilitators and guides, empowering every child to dream and pursue those dreams, channelling their aspirations and abilities towards a well-rounded education beyond textbooks.

The Shri Ram Universal School, Ghaziabad, places a significant emphasis on sports, hosting both inter-school and intra-school tournaments, along with participation in CBSE sports events. Our campus boasts expansive open spaces for play, structured physical education classes, and unique features such as evening academies and mandatory morning sports sessions. Accompanied by trained and experienced physical educators, students engage in age-appropriate sports and exercises. The school offers a variety of sports, including skating, basketball, cricket, and yoga, facilitated by dedicated facilities such as a basketball court, skating rink, cricket field, and an indoor sports room.

Shri Educare Limited (SEL) was set up by the Arun Bharat Ram family in 2008, formed out of the commitment to expand the reach of quality education. It is essentially engaged in setting up schools (Pre-school, K12) in India and abroad, providing ERP solutions to schools, undertaking education consultancy and coaching students to prepare them for National Boards (CBSE / ICSE) and International Boards (Cambridge / IB). The Shri Ram Universal School (TSUS) will imbibe the core ideals enshrined in the pedagogical philosophy of The Shri Ram Schools (TSRS). Other TSUS set up in the country include those at Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Rohtak, Ludhiana, Palava – Navi Mumbai, Noida and Hissar.

There are no admission tests conducted, although children seeking admission to Grade II and above are given a worksheet to complete, which is primarily to check if they have the Minimum Level Competency (MLC) for the grade they are seeking admission to. This worksheet enables the school to identify any gaps in learning that the child may have and ensure that these are addressed once he/she is admitted. Forms for the new academic session are available for 2024-25.



The Shri Ram Universal School, Ghaziabad, firmly believes in the pivotal role that teachers play as the cornerstone of any educational institution. We are in search of educators who:

- Possess training and proficiency in delivering educational content
- Embrace new ideas and innovations
- Exhibit enthusiasm for working with children
- Work effectively as team players
- Harbor a genuine love for continuous learning

In partnership with Shri Educare Ltd., The Shri Ram Universal School, Ghaziabad, will adhere to the teaching-learning methodologies and policies established by the esteemed Shri Ram Schools in Delhi and Gurgaon. Our commitment is to offer competitive salaries to our teachers, aligning with the best remuneration packages in the region.

Our school ensures that teachers benefit from ongoing training programs and professional development workshops. Shri Educare Ltd. will organize regular subject-specific and general pedagogical seminars to enhance teachers' expertise. We provide a nurturing environment for teachers to grow, express themselves freely, and build connections based on mutual respect, free from fear of reprisal.

Outstanding performance is duly recognized and rewarded in our institution.


Interested candidates can email their resumes to careers@tsusghaziabad.com with the subject line ‘TSUS Ghaziabad Recruitment.’ All applicants should possess relevant experience.
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